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Youth and Violence

Youth violence is an issue which raises serious concerns among the Barbadian population, as it leads to severe crimes and manifestations of violence.

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Raging winds enveloping the night blackened skies that disguised day as night Torrents rain threatened our flight We did not yield, neither did we buckle Transcendent beings guided us, we knew this Our mission self-evident Men from Bridgetown must meet men from Port of Spain And so we braved the storm readying ourselves Still not…

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Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders Dialogue – In Reflection

Wow! Is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about CCELD (Caribbean Canada Emerging Leaders Dialogue). This is only after the mental and physical fatigue from 19 hour flights; engaging discussions and sleep deprivation. However, when I had a chance to recuperate and really reflect, the 2-week CCELD Study Tour was worth…

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Cultural Industries project to Launch Soon

Traditionally Barbados’ economy has been driven by manufacturing, agriculture and tourism. These sectors have largely been responsible for the growth in our economy over time and the relatively stable employment levels to which Barbadians have become accustomed. However, in this last decade we have seen a drastic decline in manufacturing and agriculture while tourism continues…

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