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Youth and Violence

Youth violence is an issue which raises serious concerns among the Barbadian population, as it leads to severe crimes and manifestations of violence.

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Pinelands launches a course to help build the Cultural Industries sector

Pinelands Creative Workshop believes that you can’t develop a functioning cultural industry without technical competence and certifications.

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Grant Byer-Suckoo Dr. Boyce

Barbadian culture must not be diluted by artists

While some of us may say “We know what our culture is.”; others may ask, “Do we?”

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Ben Biker a recipient

Pinelands support for HIV/AIDS

Ben’s wiry figure is a near perfect match for his personality, but at the same time, it defies any preconception of the stereotypical AIDS patient.

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CALM panel of speakers

Keep CALM and Learn

Pinelands Creative Workshop’s Career and Life Management programme helps school leavers make the transition from school to the world of work.

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Junior Advanced dancers

Dance: A platform for life and dreams

It’s obvious that for these young women, this is about much more than learning to move gracefully: lessons in dance joined hands with lessons in life.

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Mirror Image: A class act

Hands down, the calibre of the 120-plus cast and production team could rival the likes of any top Broadway work.

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Clement Payne gestures to workers

PCW production challenges the audience

The production is like a bus excursion through time with some surprise stops and guest appearances from influential figures in the island’s history.

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Rodney Grant: 40 years of service

Rodney Grant: 40 years of community service

40 years of service has proven that Rodney Grant doesn’t just talk about uplifting communities; as the head of Pinelands Creative Workshop he lives it.

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Rodney Grant to join UN Women advisory group

PCW is honoured to announce the appointment of CEO Rodney Grant to the Civil Society Advisory Group of the UN Women

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