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Why is this the workshop for you?

It's personal

We put a ten person limit in place to make sure no-one gets left behind. We want to make sure you can have all of your questions answered and receive personal attention.

It's not rocket science

We won't toss you in at the deep end; we start with real-world examples with which most people can relate. Then we tie in the logic and science behind what you will be learning. With this combination of examples and proof, you will pick up on the processes much more quickly and much more clearly.

It's Hands-On?

Most people learn by doing. If you lived in Spain and had to speak Spanish every day you would pick it up much faster. That's why we take a hands-on approach. As you progress through your assignments you gain real-world experience and confidence.

Free Tools and Templates

You won't need to reinvent the wheel to get the results your business needs. By following along with your plain-English course material things remain as simple as possible and there will be very few surprises.

Digital Marketing Workshop 3 days

We will also recommend and demonstrate free tools that will get you started on your new adventure.


Focus on your business


Learn as you work

results focused

Hone in on your target market

This is just what i've been looking for, sign me up!

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