Raging winds enveloping the night
blackened skies that disguised day as night
Torrents rain threatened our flight
We did not yield, neither did we buckle
Transcendent beings guided us, we knew this
Our mission self-evident
Men from Bridgetown must meet men from Port of Spain

And so we braved the storm readying ourselves
Still not quite sure where we were going
Yet certain of where we were coming from
This gold mine of cultural nuances colored only by the sea that kept us apart
This was at the heart of our journey

Landing in Port of Spain
We greeted our Trinidadian brothers and sisters
Malick Folk Performers they called themselves
Just as eager as we were to explore Caribbean unity through the arts

The debate began,
The Trinis Fielded their team Norvan Fullerton, Noel Blandin,
Stanley Marshall, Earl Lovelace, Rolan Villaroel and Errol Jones brother of Earl Ray Jones
De Bajans put forward their team, Anthony Hinkson, Jeffrey Ifie Wilkinson and Rodney Grant
Boy it did look like de Bajans didn’t stand a chance
But de fight turn out easy cause de mission was de same

Still we argued, Should this be a marriage, “no man people divorce”
We want this thing to last longer than a dream that is forgotten when you wake up
Then to cement de vision, leh we call it FUSION,
when we melt together
There will be no coming asunder

Learn we tuk band, teach we tassa, join dem together
Bele drummer roll, and John belly mamma digging cassava
Wuh loss callaloo versus cou cou
Limbo and Cambouley

October 14 1988, was just de beginning
Look 2015 come and we still singing and dancing de cultures
learnt from our Caribbean brothers and sisters
“I aint tell wunna a FUSION better than a marriage
It like glue melting in the Caribbean sun.”