Group developing eco farm in St John

PCW and ICAR in St John


Published in The Midweek Nation on October 14, 2020

A GROUP has begun developing 20 acres of leased Government land at Bath, St John, to create a sustainable, environment-friendly farm. 

The farmers will rear Black Belly sheep, set up bee hives, grow several crops such as coconuts and establish a plant nursery, said Janet Trotman, a member of the Ichirougaini Council for the Advancement of Rastafari. 

Last Friday, a training project funded by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in association with the Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW), a non-governmental organisation, ended with a brief ceremony at the PCW headquarters in The Pine, St Michael. 

“Eventually we would like to establish a processing plant,” Trotman told the MIDWEEK NATION

She said the Pinnace Organic Eco Farm started developing the land with 20 of its 30 members, and was also working on establishing a cooperative. 

Minister of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy Kirk Humphrey pledged Government’s support for the farm project. 

He said that in addition to reducing the use of chemicals in soils and protecting the island’s coral reefs and fish from chemicals, “we all need to start eating healthy as well”. 

The farm project received a small grant and has been benefiting from technical assistance from the Barbados Agricultural Development and Marketing Corporation. 

Trotman said plans for the farm included a green market on site, a herbal garden and application
of renewable energy to pumping water from catchment areas. 

PCW consultant Dr Rodney Grant conducted a training workshop supported by the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and the Blue Economy and the UNDP’s Global Environment Facility. 

Twelve people from seven civil society organisations attended the ten-day business development workshop which was conducted between March and June.

Among the participants was Sade Deane, founder of Step-up Sustainability Solutions (SSS). 

Deane said SSS aimed to launch a carbon credit service involving visitors to the island which would fund sustainable environmental projects here. She added that design of the project was under way. 

Grant said PCW had always supported the notion of developing business alongside social development. He said work was under way on a six-month University of the West Indies Open Campus course linking business and social development. (HH)