Message from our CEO

rodney grant

Rodney Grant
Founding Member and our first CEO

Thirty-seven (37) years ago on the 28th February 1978 the Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) came into existence to offer alternative programs to the people in the Pinelands/Wildey community and to work towards erasing the negative stigma that plagued the community. Today the PCW has evolved into a national and regional institution offering programmes in Culture, Social and Economic development to the many vulnerable in Barbados and the OECS.

Over the years we have been able to maintain a decent level of support to the many persons who depend on our services, whether its homework assistance for children, CXC training and support to teenagers and adults, capacity development and assistance for NGOs, job or some other form of social assistance facilitation, ICT training or simply just assistance with a VISA application that our Resource Centre provides.

In recent times support from the private sector, public sector and international development agencies have decreased as a result of the economic downturn and change in policy positions which has forced us to seek new solutions to this critical issue of financial sustainability, while scaling back crucial interventions.

Nevertheless, we approach the future with renewed fervor to find solutions and to maintain a level of operations that are commensurate with the needs of our constituents. We look to the future with not just hope but with a strategic assessment and visioning of our internal and external conditions and a will to plan and put in place critical actions that will resolve our most pressing needs as an institution.

Prof. Amartya Sen has defined development as “expansion of opportunities”, this is where we want to reach, as we face the coming challenges, to continue to offer opportunities for all, to place no limits or boundaries on our ability to obtain true independence as an institution. In doing such we will maintain our attention to human development as key to our overall sustainable development goals.

Come join us in the journey.

Rodney Grant

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