PCW taught me about dedication and integrity

Interning for the Pinelands Creative Workshop has been a very important step in my journey as a student in Development Studies and young woman.

The organization, the people and Barbados challenged the perception I had on life, and allowed me to see reality in a new way. Most importantly, the organization showed me how dedication and integrity are important pillars for any servant in the third sector.

All executive members of the administration make tremendous efforts, using their resources to achieve the organization objectives, and impact positively as many lives as possible. The high quality of work completed every day is done with integrity, and with the solemn objective to help individuals in the community have hope for a better future.

As a development practitioner, Pinelands Creative Workshop demonstrates that a bottom-up approach to development is an effective alternative in providing education to the youth, delivering immediate emergency relief to local populations in unfortunate situations, and facilitating disadvantaged communities access to arts and leisure.

On the other hand, Pinelands Creative Workshop is a reminder to any development practitioner, that the main goal of this industry is to help humans, in so, individuals need to feel included within the process of change. Indeed, most projects conducted are inclusive of local community members, which allows more effective service delivery and a feeling of inclusiveness.

Finally, I would like to finish this statement by expressing my sincere gratitude to a very inspiring woman who showed me the importance of completing your work with integrity and dedication, along with the importance for black women to fight not using violence, but hard work in order to get a brighter future.

May the organization continue on its journey and have many more anniversaries to celebrate.


Anta Niang

Former intern and lifelong friend