Pinelands Bicycle Initiative


Confronting reality

The bicycle initiative directly funds our youth programmes and low-income interventions.

Every day we come face to face with the paralysing effect that a lack of opportunity has on our community. From the poor or underprivileged to the marginalised, our commitment is the same, leave no one behind.

Our Bicycle Initiative is a crucial component of our "purposeful buying" campaign; when someone buys a bike from us they can be confident that they are contributing to something much bigger any of us.

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This programme is about much more than dancing and winning awards: lessons in dance become lessons in life.

Manager of the bicycle programme Stephen Grant and Cultural Coordinator, Curtis Gittens present “Ben” with his bicycle.

Providing employment and life-skills for young men and boys.

Pinelands’ Shelly Durant-Forde (left) and Curtis Gittens, (second from right) during the presentation. Mrs Jennifer Goodridge is at right with two students of the Ann Hill School (for special needs children).

Free 11plus and CSSEC classes continue Barbados' strong respect for education as a priority.