Camp Fusion 2015: Finding Nemo – Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Pinelands Creative Workshop - Camp Fusion 2015 boat ride

On the morning of Thursday, July 9th, Camp Fusion continued the educational, environmental workshop Finding Nemo with fellow campers from the ages of 8 to 10. This field trip was a hands-on experience to the marine education previously taught to the children on July 7th by visiting Canadian intern, Andrea Kay.

The education included the multiple fish species abundant within Barbados and the neighbouring Caribbean islands; Information including physiology, biology and other individual characteristics, including photos of various life stages of fish were displayed to the children.  To encourage research skills, reading and reading comprehension, an assignment was given to each child regarding a fish of their choice, with researched aspects of each species.

Docking at Folkestone Marine Park, 16 children accompanied by 4 camp counsellors boarded a glass bottom boat that travelled just off the Sandy Lane Resort beach, in which the Little Sandy Lane reefs were seen. As this reef can be considered a mere extension of Dottins reef due to similar features, the Little Sandy reef was a mildly active, brown coral reef. This reef was entrenched amongst a ship wreck called Stavronikita,which rests in 120ft of water less than half a mile from the shore.

As the children huddled around a glass square looking at the marine life below, the constant high-pitched sounds of amazement erupted in the air. Recognition of the many fish earlier discussed in the educational workshop created a sense of wonder and excitement; seeing the exotic species seen in movies and photos now became a real, moving entity. as children were smiling and laughing at the Blue Tangs, Spanish Hogfish, Sergeant Majors, Leatherback Turtles and even the submerged divers, an appreciation for this underwater world became apparent within the children; As most of the children were scared and reluctant to board the boat in the beginning, they were requesting to stay longer by the end!