Pineland's Financial Executive Officer Shelly Durant-Forder (left) and Curtis Gittens, Special Projects Co-ordinator (second from right) during the presentation. Mrs. Jennifer Goodridge, Guidance Counsellor is at right.

Pinelands’ Executive Financial Officer, Shelly Durant-Forde (left) and Curtis Gittens, Cultural Co-ordinator (second from right) during the presentation. Mrs. Jennifer Goodridge, Guidance Counsellor is at right with two Ann Hill Students centre.

Jennifer Goodridge is always happy to see civil society in Barbados take an interest in the students of the Ann Hill school. For the last thirty-three years the school has been a pillar in the development of special needs children, so when Pinelands Creative Workshop used its partnership with Bikes for the World to reach out with a donation Mrs. Goodridge was very pleased indeed.

shelly-at-ann-hillShe welcomed the contribution of the two bicycles which came on the heels of another PCW contribution. In just the last few weeks Pinelands had also contributed in kind with dance costumes for a school production. EFO Shelly Durant-Forde confirmed that PCW was only too happy to contribute to one of it’s neighbours and was quick to renew their commitment to the organisation. Beyond the physical gifts Pinelands has also committed to service the bikes and replace worn or broken parts.

Mrs. Goodridge sees special utility in the bicycles and sees them as a cog in the wheel of the School’s participation if the wider School’s Positive Behavioural Management Programme. This initiative of the Ministry of Education is focused on using inclusiveness, child-centredness and democratic participation as building blocks to help make good school better. She plans to use the bikes as part of the school’s toolkit of rewards mechanisms to motivate students who have accumulated points by demonstrating positive behavioural change in areas like self regulation and anger management. She also sees how the bikes can be used to help students work off their frustrations.

ann-hill-group-shotSmiling broadly she thanked Pinelands Creative Workshop for their support, readily accepted the offer to continue to work with the school and threw out the challenge to other entities to match what Pinelands was doing.

Under the direction of principal Emelda Bell the Ann Hill School is focused on the instruction and development of children with physical, emotional and behavioural challenges that include autism, cerebral palsy, spina bifida – a birth defect where there is incomplete closing of the backbone – and other learning disabilities.

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