Pinelands launches a course to help build the Cultural Industries sector

pcw sound course

On Saturday morning fifteen scholarship holders started a course of 90 contact hours in Sound Technology with PCW’s new partner, the Samuel Jackman Pressed Polytechnic.

The folks at the Pinelands Creative Workshop believe that Barbados can’t develop a functioning cultural industry without technical competence and certified professionals. For them being really good on drums is not the same as being a Level 3 percussionist.

This is why they recently published a toolkit of empirical ways to prepare artist and technicians to export their expertise. On the heels of that research, they have now implemented a verifiable solution to some of what the study uncovered.

PCW plans to continue its work on building the “backbone of the cultural industries” with courses in lighting, stage management and directing already in the works. PCW CEO, Rodney Grant, was beaming over the first time collaborating with the SJPP. He, however, lamented that as such close neighbours, it had taken them far too long to work together.

Desmond Bourne, Chairman of the board of the SJPP was also happy for the collaboration with PCW and said as much when he welcomed the students to the course. He asked them to recognize that sound technology was one of the “marketable skills” that would eventually create tangible businesses in the cultural sector. And encouraged them to develop their Skills Quotient.

He went on to explain that this was basically how good a sound engineer they would become. This would make it an invaluable measure of their ability in the area of sound technology.

The two organizations vowed to continue to work together in what Grant referred to as the Education Industry. The SJPP, he said, was the lead institution for the emerging technological industries in Barbados, and SJPP deputy principal Ian Drakes agreed with the assessment.

Mr Drakes also asked the students to strive for competency as passionately as they did for good examination results and wished them an enjoyable and enlightening journey.

Pinelands Creative Workshop has continually demonstrated that when they say that something is important you could expect them to make it happen. This course, as Rodney Grant said, was the beginning. Instruction in Lighting Technology “is ready to go” he explained.

Looking beyond Carifesta 2017, PCW’s vision is for an ecosystem in which artists, technicians, administrators, marketers, researchers and every skill in the production of a cultural event can be sourced from right here in Barbados.