During the annual production season for the Pinelands Creative Workshop, the organization engages in face to face promotion of their production with a team that is not only young and vibrant but truly knows the ins and outs of the Production "When Night Turns to Day".

Over the last couple of days, thanks to the Management of Sky Mall, the budding and bright-eyed marketing team have won the hearts of the many customers who have in turn made contributions in support of the work of the organization as well as the upcoming production.

Recognizing the generosity of the customers, the organization paid forward this generosity to two (2) deserving organizations - Variety the Children's Charity and Barbados Council for the Disabled. The Chief Executive Officer of the Pinelands Creative Workshop indicated that she was extremely delighted to share the generosity to both organizations considering that they are all part of civil society and in the development trenches together.

Sophia Greaves-Broome and Donnah Russell

Presentation made by the Chief Executive Officer of the Pinelands Creative Workshop to Donnah Russell
of Variety - the Children's Charity.

Sophia Greaves-Broome and Roseanna Tudor

Presentation made by the Chief Executive Officer of the Pinelands Creative Workshop to Roseanna Tudor, Operations Manager of the Barbados Council for the Disabled

More importantly, Ms Greaves shared that despite different areas of focus, they shared a common purpose of ensuring opportunities for all. Ms Tutor indicated that she was truly grateful to PCW for remembering the Council for the Disabled and looked forward to sharing with the members. Similarly, Ms Russell was equally elated that programs offered by PCW and Variety - the Children's Charity could bring about change in the lives, both organisations encounter.

Both organizations were provided with tickets to be shared with their member to attend the upcoming production which is scheduled to open at the Parkinson Memorial School, the Pine, St Michael on 6th April 2019 at 7 pm.

Barbados we thank you for your kindness and support.

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