The beginning

In September of 2014 Pinelands Creative Workshop and the Parkinson Memorial School came together to establish an outreach partnership to assist members of the community. The goal was to provide free Common Entrance lessons to students from schools in the immediate community. The teaching was delivered by Mr Jeff Broomes, the then Principal of the Parkinson School along with volunteers – Ms Ceri Sue and John Gittens.

We recognized that there was a need for a structured program that provides a safe and supportive environment for effective learning to take place.

Despite the focus on the schools from the immediate community, participants from the across the island were involved. Attending the program were students from Grantley Prescod Memorial Primary School, Luther Thorne Primary School, Wilkie Cumberbatch Primary School, Gordon Walters Primary School, St Paul’s Primary School, Hill Top Primary School, Cuthbert Moore Primary School and Bay Primary School.

our partners

Through the support of the Aries Technologies, Paloma Charitable Trust and the Sandy Lane Charitable Trust, PCW was able to deliver an extended program titled “Beyond Expectations Accelerator Program (BEAP)” presenting a series of intensives focusing specifically on reinforcing Mathematics and English concepts; online testing; small group support for those under-performing; expose participants to pre-exam anxiety reduction techniques; mock exams to test the impact of the pre-exam anxiety reduction techniques as well as build familiarity with the examination process and to train participants to work under examination conditions; and provide a Transition Workshop focusing on providing an understanding and tools to better handle the transition from primary to secondary school.