Curtis Gittens

After receiving his primary education at Pine Primary, Curtis continued his secondary education at Parkinson Secondary School. From 1982, Curtis started working at Big Bee super market as a shelf packer for 8 years. Afterwards, he worked at Deals Sudbury Floors for 5 years, where he was a driver of the delivery trucks. However, Curtis’s community involvement was established earlier in his career starting in 1979 to 1990, where he was involved with 4H Art Culture program in St. Barnabas where he focused on developing young people in the areas within the surrounding community. The development program focused on arts, crafts, education, sports and culture. Within this agency, Curtis held all positions and attended multiple programs in all separate areas, in his time there.

Eventually, Curtis came to Pinelands in 1994, in which he was involved with cultural coordination. During this time, he volunteered for the Meals on Wheels program for 10 years, distributing food to the less fortunate and elderly. In 1998, he continued with training to refine his skills as a facilitator with the NCH Action for Children program. With this excess training, Curtis then involved himself in multiple training programs that Pinelands offered to those in the community; courses like Middle Management, Social Development course, and Project Camp are examples. He continued program training outside of Pinelands within the community and various ministries, including governmental public and private sector agencies. Throughout this time, Curtis has been an active trainer for 16 years and holds the current job position of Cultural Development Coordinator but is also involved with multiple other jobs/tasks outside of his main responsibilities. With Pinelands, he has also attended regional and international duties like the Caribbean Youth Assembly in Trinidad in 1995.

On top of his time as a Cultural Coordinator, Curtis also coordinates the folk singing group ran by Pinelands in which he sings and manages the singers, as well as playing many lead roles in dramatic presentations.