Stephen Grant

Manager of Bike Program


After attending Pine Primary (now Grantley Prescott Primary School) Stephen ‘Iambo’ Grant then continued his education at Parkinson Memorial Secondary School. Afterwards in 1978, Grant worked at Windmill Products for two years, where he did a multitude of jobs within the factory and as an assistant salesman. Starting in 1982, Stephen then worked at the USAID sponsored Agricultural Project where he worked all positions like planting and tending to the crops; he attended this job for twenty years before leaving for Pinelands Creative Workshop (PCW) to manage sports programs as Sport Coordinator.

Grant managed and coached all the sports teams in the area, associated with Pinelands for eight years, starting in 1992. Refining his skills further, Stephen had attended multiple training programs, one relating to the management of children and children’s behavior for six months, and another on how to coach sports for a one-month term. Since 2007, Stephen Grant has been the manager of the bicycle project within Pinelands, in which the fixing and management of sales has been under his responsibility. During this time, Stephen has also taken part of the Meals on Wheels program with Pinelands in 1992 to 2012, in which he carried food for the elderly.